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Wuhan, Chongqing Three Gorges – the free honeymoon action

offer includes:---Tianjin Wuhan hard sleeper    Chongqing---Beijing hard sleeper  -trip ticket

offer includes:-star cruise tickets (luxury observes scenery double room)

offer includes: boat trip on shore attractions tickets and fares

offer includes: full board meals



Hankou, Tianjin by 1155 15:31 D1:   to    

D2:  10:26 arrived in Hankow, after, take bus to Yichang, on board ship

(swim after you get off the yellow crane Tower 50 Yuan/person tickets themselves, Wuhan-Yichang 4.5 hours may purchase bus ticket 125 Yuan/person take care of themselves)       

D3:  visits-the five-tier ship lock of three Gorges Dam-Captain-banquet

          08:30-10:30 visit the world-renowned Three Gorges Dam project

          14:30 experience "gaoxiapinghu" of Xiling Gorge

          18:30 captain's welcome reception (formal dress) welcome reception

          20:30 happy interactions they Festival party


D4:  Shennong stream, or the little Three Gorges – qutang Gorge-ethnic show party

06:00 free coffee or tea, happy buffet breakfast

          08:00-12:30 take a boat excursion to Shennong stream environmental protection or small three Gorge

          14:00 the qutang Gorge, enjoy "kuimen males in the world"

          18:30 delight dinner

          20:30 m-Kara OK contest

D5:  Museum in wanzhou and Fengdu-activities-farewell dinner on board

         06:30 free coffee, tea, good buffet breakfast

visit          09:00-12:00 Museum in wanzhou and Fengdu

         20:30 witness both parties 30 free coffee, tea and toast breakfast

         07:30 luggage set the cruise Hall

D6: 08:00 arrived in Chongqing. (To participate in a half day tour of Chongqing 40 Yuan/person take care of themselves)

19:55 by 1390 trains back, car

D7: free activities on the train, car

D8:05:42 arrived in Beijing over a pleasant trip to the three gorges!


Note: 1, alternative name of the cruise: Royal Princess series, the Dragon series, President series,

           2, 15 days in advance, please telephone booking locality

           3, such as increased one night accommodation in Chongqing, two-star hotel between 150 Yuan/   star hotel 240 Yuan/room

           4, attend the dazu stone carvings in Chongqing tour 200 yuan/person (including ticket fares Guide)


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