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Mysterious tuojiang River in Western Hunan Fenghuang

Offer includes: Tianjin/Tianjin/Zhangjiajie return 5th ticket (day class)               

Offer includes: two nights in Fenghuang-Zhangjiajie Hotel + b night four-star hotel + breakfast  

Recommended schedule

Tianjin took the opportunity to visit Zhangjiajie (night flight), Zhangjiajie city, rooms at the hotel
Zhangjiajie hotels
  (Samsung standard)
Earlier, take bus to Fenghuang ancient town, around town.
Fenghuang ancient town
(Four star)
Tour around the ancient town
Fenghuang ancient town
(Four star)
Morning drive back to Zhangjiajie, afternoon tour of Zhangjiajie forest park
Zhangjiajie hotels
  (Samsung standard)
Day time activities, night flight returned to Tianjin

  Product description:  

1, Tianjin direct plane flights each day, guests can be freely adjusted according to your time, offers a four-day

&Nbsp;      or five-day packages can be.

2, Guilin hotels arranged according to your requirements or above for recommended itineraries, you can choose between three-night or four-night stay in

&Nbsp;     House, guests are accommodated in Phoenix, according to your requirements free choice of place of stay and the number of days

3, Zhangjiajie city half an hour away from scenic, easy tour.

4, the Agency offers from Zhangjiajie to Phoenix bus    ticket price is 150 yuan/person round-trip  

                            &Nbsp;                      Zhangjiajie departure times 7:00,  afternoon 11;30

                            &Nbsp;                      Phoenix departure time: 7:00, afternoon  11;30


1,    prices starting at two people, if guests choose from single trip, need to fill every day difference RMB 140-190 Yuan/person/night;

2,    offer does not include airport construction fees and fuel charges 260 Yuan/person (round trip second plane)


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