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Top ten China leisure cities popularity list released

8th leisure branch of China Tourism Association and Network   travel jointly launched "HELLO CITY  vote for your favorite leisure city" activity forms, Xiamen was ranked eighth. NET   travel channel, "said Xiamen is popular with white-collar elite and free guest favorite leisure cities in the network vote, Xiamen has been ranked the top ten. Many also drying out snacks and small shops in Xiamen, shows Xiamen comfort casual ambience of romance. ”

this selection, from March 28, 2011-September 30, the time span of 6 months. Netizen can Web   easy to travel, where to go network, China tourism network to the selection official website for their favorite or familiar with city for ratings, reviews. Users and specialists in the field of common scoring will determine 287 China leisure cities the final ranking.

now have 765,000 netizens took part in the voting, popularity rankings for Qingdao, Chengdu, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Hefei, Xiamen, Yantai, Yichun, and Luoyang, Tianjin. (Sun Liping)

top ten China leisure cities popularity list

(until July 8)

Qingdao   Chengdu   Huangshan   Hangzhou   Hefei

Yantai   Nin   Xiamen   Luoyang   in Tianjin

user score, received high marks in Xiamen

score project

ecological environment of   culture   entertainment

travel   humane care   services   shopping and dining

Xiamen scored  8.7 points

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