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Sichuan fun? Liang tianfu, 2011 tour

on July 12, by the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau in Shanghai, China Eastern Airlines travel industry investment co organized the "Sichuan tianfu tour •  2011 cool fun" 20,114 summer tourism products in Sichuan and Shanghai tour. The promotion to integrated marketing ideas, to the Government to build a platform, enterprise implementation, the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau undertake promotion activities start-up capital, tourism business planning within the province launched the travel price promotion policies and products, China Eastern tourism investment Corporation to provide publicity and sales channels of tourism products, multiparty cooperation, joint marketing tourism in Sichuan to form a win-win situation. The main highlight is air ticket discount policies and integrate high-quality scenic resources of Sichuan, giving benefits to Shanghai travel, it allows visitors to discount the price to travel to Sichuan.


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