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In July, jiaxing "Spotlight" red tourism

  "a boat out of a big party, red boat spirit is the source of Chinese revolutionary spirit, our Red tourism can better publicize, inherit and carry forward the spirit of the red boat, motivate cadres and loving the party and socialism, taking the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics more conscientiously. One area, a scenic area, its unique landscape and its unique culture is very good combination, is the core competitiveness of tourism in this area, this area is located. Developing red tourism of jiaxing's around the red boat, the birth of our party, this is an extremely valuable spiritual wealth, cultural resources and beautiful scenery of Jiangnan nicely combines South Lake connotation, taste more promotion of the tourism industry as a whole, have a deeper impression on visitors. "This is CCTV in focus--developing red tourism of jiaxing in the touching the red mark in the feature film Party Secretary Li Weining interview fragments.

     not long ago, focus interview of CCTV Program Director for a 3-day interviews to jiaxing, planned and produced on the subject of developing red tourism of jiaxing touching the red mark of feature films. This is in order to meet the 90 anniversary of Red tourism of, the implementation of the National Conference and the planning and production of feature films. CPC Central Committee and the CPC, Liu Yunshan, head of recently came to the party's birthplace-jiaxing inspection, investigation and construction of Red tourism of jiaxing culture, and open for the upcoming Lake gave a high evaluation of the new revolutionary Memorial, says the new Museum "building a first-class, first-class facilities, exhibition-class". Red tourism of jiaxing, the CCTV of the focus-focus, jiaxing, also as "red classics, modern" practitioners and particularly of the idea of choice.

     in recent years, developing red tourism in jiaxing city, red water country tourism and travel, leisure and tourism integration, creating new ways of developing red tourism in coastal areas. To develop new modes of Red tourism of jiaxing by China National Tourism Administration, the national Red high praise. First, the development of Red tourism of jiaxing fast, thanks to South Lake as the core of urban tourism building and the protection and development of historical and cultural resources. The Government has invested more than 2 billion yuan, epic launched the second phase of South Lake scenic spot development, built the Lake, 71 of the new revolutionary Memorial Hall Plaza, a large musical fountain, the tourist centre (Visitor Center) and other key tourism projects. Fix Mei Wan Street, Moon River, Reed mat meeting the three historic streets, the addition of Golden Dragon Boat Festival experience dumplings and the cultural Museum, stove painting art show and a series of new venues to experience local culture, enriched the Nanhu • City area striving for national 5 a-class tourist scenic spot culture. While accelerating the city's ecological construction, "Tang is also Hu back, green to the people", South Lake water area expanded from 0.98 square kilometers to the current 1.12 square kilometers. The river landscaping, lighting project was carefully designed and developed the "boat tour jiaxing" new projects. South Lake scenic spots from the previous "a Lake island of a museum ship" into South Lake • old town area "er he San block" new patterns.

     Secondly, jiaxing city red tourism and the tourism, leisure and tourism, rural tourism, tourism integration business. Town in Xishan scenic spot protection and development, Mao Dun Memorial Hall was built (the cemetery), King of Wu Memorial Hall and other attractions, excavate historical and cultural resources, enrich the connotation of Red tourism, make the Red tourism and tourism in blending more vitality and charm, promotes the development of tourism as a whole. In 2010, the jiaxing city has hosted more than 31 million tourists from home and abroad, tourism revenues of 29.6 billion yuan tourism income equivalent to 12.9% of GDP.

     third, quickened the pace of regional cooperation of Red tourism of jiaxing. This year to, has held has national Red tourism cooperation Exchange Assembly, and middle Union red tourism peak Forum and Red tourism products of concentrated procurement Assembly, and national Red scenic meet party 90 annual activities months started ceremony, and both inside and outside red tourism series promotion will, activities, strengthening has and long triangle other area of Red tourism of cooperation and interactive, in "Red Classic • China jiaxing South Lake tourism section" Shang, Su Zhejiang Shanghai three to common signed has Shanghai Su Zhejiang red tourism cooperation Declaration, development has across regional of Red tourism line.

     with the advent of the 90 anniversary of, South Lake in jiaxing "touch" red memories, receiving the baptism of tourists, with booming tourism market in jiaxing. From January to May, the city had received 14.15 million domestic tourists and tourism revenue of 12.85 billion yuan. South Lake scenic spots surge in visitors is more than 1 time, a record. Red tourism development in jiaxing success attracted the attention of major media in the country, China Central television, Xinhua News Agency, China national radio, China Radio International, China network, China tourism news, travel channel and other media have carried out special reports, has become a major concern of the national focus of Red tourism of jiaxing.


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