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Great development of the tourism industry in our province in the new period

recently, the Provincial Tourism Bureau Director Hao Kangli, Vice Director Wu Mian rates on Office and regulations Department, Marketing Department, Planning Department, Finance Department, one has taught training centres and promote responsible comrades from the Center came to the province, tourist information centre, heard a report on tourist work in our province. Provincial tourism information center staff, members of the Tourism Association information branch representatives participated in the meeting.


Wu Mian, Deputy Director with heads of participating offices, tourist information and put forward views and suggestions in our province


the meeting, the provincial tourism information Center Director Xu Miao are tourism information development in our province the status quo, main and next steps to Hao Kangli the Secretary gave a comprehensive report. Wu Mian, Deputy Director offices charge respectively to participants at the meeting on the development of information technology in the tourism industry in the application and the development direction of the observations and recommendations.

Hao Kangli after the Secretary has listened carefully to members ' speeches, fully affirmed the work of the information centre in recent years, that the province's tourism information clear, the idea is advanced. He noted that has now entered the era of technology and information, and development of our province's tourism industry to keep up with the pace of the times, by means of information, to better promote the development of the tourism industry, to better serve the tourists, tourism enterprises, travel administration service.

Hao Kangli on tourism information industrialization in Anhui Province and put forward the new request, and made arrangements for the next work

Hao Kangli the Secretary pointed out that tourism systems in our province to fully realize Informationization is the inevitable choice for new stage of tourism development, new era, new requirements for new developments, in the new era of tourism development to make a good position, good development, there must be a new breakthrough. In the province's tourism information, tourism information center to stand in the system-wide level, carefully combed resource planning. First, we should focus on, breaking through difficulties; the second is to establish mechanisms, sound system; the third is to improve the planning, implementation plans; four were solid foundation, in-depth research. We must follow the "unified planning, step by step project management, performance appraisal; linkage, interaction, integration, multi-media" of the judiciary.

provincial tourism information center should be a good tourist information in the development of the "players" and "coaches" and "referee". "Athlete" to color, led demonstrations "coaches" should be in place to guide the powerful; "the referee" to place normative science. As "athletes", information center to is responsible for tourism information promotion, website construction, specific work; as "coaches", information center to station in global, and full system of height, on City State, and social, and enterprise of information work for guide, to will information work into tourism industry development of all link among, as scenic assessment a,, hotel assessment star,; as "referee", information center to in province tourism party of authorized Xia, grasp tourism information of global concept, do province tourism information planning, and standard, and Work specifications, develop and supervise the work. To achieve higher, more stronger and broader minds, ideas updates. Finally, Hao Kangli the Secretary on information construction of tourism specific work arrangements and deployments.


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