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East tourism development project

"lift province of force in-depth advance coastal development, speed up foster Jiangsu important economic growth very" is 2011 Jiangsu tourism major development strategy, for advance this a strategy, by province tourism Li Mingyao Deputy Secretary led, Lianyungang, and Yancheng, and nantongsanshi tourism of project construction is in charge of led, and project planning everywhere long, composition Jiangsu Province coastal three city tourism project development construction research group, on Jiangsu coastal three city tourism project for research, as Rudong tourism development of focus plate, Such as coastal tourism development project is the focus of this research project.

research at the meeting, Deputy County magistrate Wang Zhi, Rudong County such as tourism development and construction experts to the investigation group was introduced. Leading coastal economic development zone on the East coast tour to report in detail. Deputy Director of the Provincial Tourism Bureau, Li Mingyao pointed out, Rudong Jiangsu coastal coastal tourism is one of the three city tourism development focuses on plates, such as marine tourism resources has a good, full development. While aiming at the scenic layout, plan proposes to increase and implement controlled detailed planning of the construction of coastal tourist areas, integrate currently scattered attractions, form a scenic area of the agglomeration effect, will cause small scenic provincial eco-tourism resort.


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