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Culture Festival will activate Zhuji tourism market

   newspaper standing Zhejiang reporter Xu Wenxiao      this year first half of, Zhuji tourism sector to science development views for guidelines, active develop tourism development of new thought, continuous launched Zhuji culture tourism years open tour ceremony, and 13th session five relief views waterfall section opening, and "5·19 Xia guest line" Zhuji Shih Tzu hometown theme tour activities, 10 field scale big, and benefits high, and response good of culture tourism Festival activities.

     tourism Festival is active, not only led to the vigorous development of cultural tourism, but also for the city's tourism economy and strong impetus and rapid development. From January to May, the reception of Zhuji 3.5233 million tourists from home and abroad, an increase of 23.91%; 3.544 billion yuan of tourism revenue, an increase of 23.92%. Strong correlation, affecting the tourism industry, radiation with a wide range of advantages, as the city's "capital growth, structure, and promote development" had made a positive contribution.

     theme section will attract foreign tourists

     2011 is NTA determine of "Chinese culture tour" theme tourism years, City tourism sector based Zhuji has many of places, and unique of folk style, and exquisite of traditional process and natural landscape each other of resources advantage, launched has "tour Zhuji • views five relief • tours Shih Tzu • products culture" 2011 Shih Tzu hometown • Zhuji culture tourism years open tour ceremony; and joint province both inside and outside travel agency common build landscape tour, and shopping tour, and Leisure, religious culture tour, bequeath to tour, classic red tour, love theme tours and other tourism and cultural products, and further promote the development of culture and tourism, to promote rich cultural tourist resources, attract more domestic and overseas tourists to feel profound Chinese culture.

     to "enhance the waterfall scenic spot culture, combining local cultural heritage and ecological landscape" as a concept of the 13th wuxie cascade Festival, invited 5 a-class tourist scenic spot evaluation experts, provincial Tourism Bureau and China Association of scenic areas and other related experts of the Department head, communicate with representatives of several well-known scenic waterfall, discussion, guided waterfall marketing And the most tourist value and most popular top ten waterfalls resort announced the awards, created a national discussion on sustainable development forum of the first waterfall, effectively improve the "TV exclusive five-tier waterfall – Zhuji wuxie waterfalls" brand image across the country, more than during the cascade festival attracted more than 30,000 visitors.

     take boat amplified Festival effect

     first half of, Zhuji tourism related of articles in to city level above newspaper media published 86 article, which Zhuji culture tourism years open tour ceremony, and 13th session five relief views waterfall section, and 5·19 Xia guest line activities, large activities during launched network reported more than 360 papers, more has people, and Xinhua, and SINA network, and Tencent network, and Phoenix, website reported or reproduced has tourism Festival activities related information; activities during also invited has Xinhua, and in the new social, and , Xinmin evening news, Shanghai TV, Zhejiang TV, Zhejiang TV, Zhejiang sound of radio stations, online, Phoenix, Tencent, Hangzhou, Zhejiang TV, Shaoxing, the participation of television and other media reported, Zhuji tourism brand has been widely spread, "Wu Xie waterfalls, beauty culture," brand to a higher level.

     tourism sector jointly launched the City Express "wuxie photography shot small friends first tour", published on February 21, the City Express front page entitled "snapshot recommended beauty" five leaked pictures on June 24, published, entitled "heavy rainfall, Wu Xie appeared the most spectacular waterfall" graphic reports. Two news reports caused strong reactions of the readers, have made substantial publicity.

     first half of Zhuji Tourism Department to promote tourist visitors totaled 1000duowanci in Zhuji, and continues to rise. Sohu, Sina, World Wide Web, NetEase, Tudou, Baidu, China network television, tianya, Hangzhou NET, cat, Zhejiang online more than more than 20 well-known network media propaganda more than 600 articles. Exceeded Zhuji travel network promotion work in the first half.

     field exhibition tourism brand

     participation level of tourism fairs in the tourism sector, through the promotion of various theme exhibitions, trade fair, Zhuji tourism popularity has been increasing. To actively seize the shares in the secondary market, the first half of the tourism sector in the Wenzhou "around the world tourism League" market and Wenzhou travel fair, the annual cooperation Shantou in Guangdong Province, "fell in love with Zhejiang" in Shaoxing

    --Hengdian Zhuji tourism product promotion, "the vitality of Southeast Zhejiang" Fujian tourism promotion Conference, attracting local media reports, makes xishiguli tour widely known.

     technology innovation and speed up the transformation and upgrading of tourism industry in the tourism sector, effectively enhance the level of Zhuji travel network marketing, online ticketing system complete Zhuji travel network (Alipay) development and installation, and start the actual sale. Tourist site ( click on the ticket, you can complete the attraction tickets purchased at home, having attractions queued to buy tickets at on-site ticket discount price, raise the visibility of Tonglu tourism.


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